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Cory Bower is Synonymous of Temptation

Cory Bower is Synonymous of Temptation is the editorial that has an environment specially created thinking about male sensuality and sublime passion that has given us a flawless and sexy result that invites us...

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Henry Licett

Considered as a God coming down from Olympus, sexy hunk and gorgeous male model, actor and singer, Henry Licett was put on this earth to unleash passions and delight our senses, we consider him...

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Graffiti Swimwear Collection by Freedom Reigns

With magnificent views from Sunken City beach along the San Pedro cliffs in famous Los Angeles, stunning and vigorous male models David Rest and Mario Adrian were photographed wearing the Graffiti Swimwear Collection by...

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Javier Lopez by Luis Manuel Gomez Pozo

Javier Lopez by Luis Manuel Gomez Pozo is such a revelation, a phenomenal and attractive set of pictures that were captured in beautiful natural landscapes, in where virility and sexiness are skin deep and...

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Exclusive, Jordan Woods by Joem Bayawa

Exceptionally fresh, vibrant and flirtatious, we receive with joy the second part of this outstanding editorial, in exclusive, Jordan Woods by Joem Bayawa, the dynamic duo has worked together and they are presenting to...

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Cory Bower

Fashion world is unpredictable, inviting and somehow crazy but, there’s always room for new fresh faces to meet, it results interesting to get to know new people but, it is more interesting to meet...

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